Trials Fusion Riders of the Rustlands Out Now!

Trials Fusion gets Riders of the Rustlands DLC

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Written by Dustin Murphy

 Did riding across metropolitan parks, snow-covered mountains, and boat docks not fill your hearts desire yet? Those of you interested in testing your skill and capability still have more coming your way. As of today, the first of six map packs planned for Trials Fusion™ is available for download. What does this mean? You get new tracks, challenges, editor objects, and achievements (trophies for you PSN guys) to explore with Trials Fusion.

 In the new content pack, you will get to see areas that have fallen to decay, that have been ignored by the government, and left to fall apart over time. Players will get to see the forgotten peoples of the Rustlands while also racing their way through rival camps. Doing this will get them to see a new and drastically different visual aspect of the Trials world that we’ve gotten to know through the background narration of the title. This will only give you more time to explore and learn the unique story of the twisted Trials Fusion world.

 This new DLC pack includes ten tracks, consisting of six Classic Trials tracks, two Supercross tracks, one Skill Game, and one FMX track. For those of you are wanting to know, there are eighteen new Track Challenges, including secret locations and more hidden squirrels to search for. The track editor will also be scoring dozens of new obstacles for you to access. These obstacles include: wrecked vehicles and warehouses that can be spotted in the Rustlands when racing. This means you can create the most outlandish track you have been looking for within the Trials Fusion world.

 The game will remain gaining free updates for players to use, as well as five more DLC’s that will be releasing in the near future. The next in the list is Empire of the Sky, which is set to release in the near by future, and features the floating islands. When is it available? Sometime in August, which means racers have plenty to look forwards to in the near future. The DLC’s can be found on the XBox Marketplace for 4.99 USD each or 19.99 USD when obtained via the Season Pass, which results in more than 30% in savings. 

 With more than one million players, Trials Fusion continues to gain popularity as riders strive for perfection on each course. The team at RedLynx Studios has no plan to slow down; five more downloadable content packs are being created including Empire of the Sky, the next piece of DLC set in floating islands coming in August, as well as the free updates coming throughout the year that will introduce new features to the game.

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