Subject 13 Rallying on Kickstater!

Subject 13 Rallying on Kickstarter!
Originally Published on the Official Blast Away the Game Review Facebook Page
Written by Aaron Johnson

 Indie publisher Microids, just released its first game play trailer for Subject 13. The game itself is still in its Kickstarter campaign phase, but it is nearing completion, as it has only 6 days left to come up with $40,000 it needs, and with $13,000 left to reach they’re goal, they could really use your support, as soon as possible. If they are successful in obtaining the $40,000, in the Kickstarter campaign, they will add support for the Oculus Rift, also upon hearing the fans, Microids decided to add Linux to the list of platforms Subject 13 will be on, assuming the Kickstarter campaign is successful.

 In Subject 13, you are in control of physics professor Franklin Fargo, whom became a recluse after the terrible death of his fiancée. One morning, you wake up in an underground facility, seemingly abandoned with no way out and no external contact, other than a mysterious voice that refers to you, Franklin Fargo, as Subject 13. Fargo’s goal is to set himself free somehow, along with discovering the real reason as to why he has been imprisoned.

 Throughout the game, you will uncover secret caches and mechanisms that you must discover, analyze, and activate to survive; and hopefully escape the underground bunker. The difficulty of the game scales through progression, so beating the entire game should prove to be a challenge, even for expert puzzle solvers. In all, this game looks to have the potential; after all the man creating it, Paul Cussiet, is responsible for making games like Darkstone, Moto Racer, and Flashback, the best selling French game across the globe. I expect a great puzzler for all.

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