Destiny Demos Coming to Best Buy!

Destiny Demos Coming to Best Buy!
Originally Published on the Official Blast Away the Game Review Facebook Page
Article by Josh Turner

Are you dying to get your hands on Destiny? Well don’t feel alone. It’s currently you, me, and a few million other people, that are dying to play this upcoming title. Gratefully, the beta will shortly begin for PS4 users. However, that doesn’t exactly help out the rest of the gamers out there now does it? Good news though, Best Buy has come up with the solution for that! Starting July 19th, at 70, lucky, locations, they will have the beta exclusively available, in stores, for customers to enjoy between the hours of 6-9pm. 

Best Buy has defiantly gone on the offensive, as of late, when it comes to video game sale, in an attempt to take over the market. They have begun offering $10 in store credits for select games, as well as a new “Gamers Club” system, where shoppers can receive 20% off of any new video game, or collector’s edition. In a recent interview with Benzinga, Chris Koller, Best Buy’s Vice President of Gaming, had this to say about the future of gaming and Best Buy. “Our Strategy is to position Best Buy as THE destination for all things gaming, and we are giving gamers more reasons to visit Best Buy. These unique events allow us to provide early access to consumers, for the latest games and technology.”

Recently, they held a Super Smash Bros pre-launch event that drew thousands into local stores, and gave gamers their first chance to get their hands on the much anticipated title. So far it doesn’t look like there is an exact time frame on how long the Destiny beta will be accessible in store, other than Saturday July 19th. Who knows, they may decide to elongate the demo time, or possibly expanded it to more stores closer to launch.

For more information regarding the event, or to find a local store precipitating in the event please visit the link below.

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