Battlefield Hardline Beta Goes Live Today!

Battlefield Hardline Beta Goes Live Today!
Originally Posted on the Official Blast Away the Game Review Facebook Page

Written by Dustin Murphy

Update: Currently PlayStation Network is undergoing maintenance in order to get the beta available. If you run into the error trying to retrieve it, please try again later.

 For those of you watching E3, EA unleashed something surprising, a full blown preview of Battlefield Hardline. What else do you want to know? For PC and PlayStation 4 users, the beta is live. For PS4 users, all you have to do is one thing, put in your PS4 disc or go to your digital copy, go to the Hardline advertisement, click it, and download the beta. As of this moment we do not know if it requires the disc for you to play, but we do know it’s live, and we are currently downloading it. Stay tuned for our hands-on-impressions as we look forwards to bringing you the best and most honest take on the beta that we can.

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