Gaming Culture: From Screen to Real Life – Impact Props

Gaming Culture: From Screen to Real Life – Impact Props
Originally Published on Blast Away the Game Review on Facebook

Written by Dustin Murphy

 Once in a while you find something amazing, skillful, and breathtaking. One of these moments was by a talented team of artists that call themselves Impact Props. This was done through Facebook by complete accident, which lead to some amazing images of their craftsmanship, but also their skill as artists. After having dug through many of their photo shoots, even a YouTube video, and of course their website, I couldn’t help it – something awesome is happening here. Luckily I was able to come up with a few ideas and possibilities these guys had going and amazingly, I was not seeing clear enough every time I looked through what they do.

 Many of us are used to seeing shows such as Face Off on SyFy or some YouTube Channel where you will get DIY guides, but also walk-through guides to an extent. With these guys? There’s a bit of that, but a lot of creative magic. What I have found and seen so far from their website and Facebook Page is taking things from on-screen directly to a paper phase only to be transitioned later into an epoxy, resin, and of course some of their own personal creative touches. What is more-so amazing is the movie-like realism they have managed to capture. Their talent isn’t just in the fact they take from screen to real life, but the level of detail. It is their skill, dedication, and special attention to the finer things on each item created. For example, with one of their photo shoots, which can be found on their Facebook Page here: Impact Props

 These guys haven’t just tackled Halo and Skyrim. Instead they have also tackled multiple things such as Viking’s, The Lord of the Rings, Iron Man, and even Daft Punk to name just a few. Their skill is impeccable and undoubtedly time consuming. With what looks like years of practice, this team of two brings forth something that isn’t commonly seen as movie-quality work until the time is taken to look in just the right place. Unfortunately, since we do not have permission at this time to use their photo’s, we’ll provide links to their pages where you can see their amazing works.

 It is these small things that make the big turn from professional to overnight. These guys? Definitely professionals. The even nicer thing about Impact Props? They’ll walk you through how to do these items, become a prop maker, and even take some tips from skilful artisans so you can go to events and not feel as if you were so far left out. Visit their website here to find out more behind their hard work and tricks of the trade:

 Stay tuned as we have reached out to them in order to set up an in person interview coming up in the future. Till then, keep an eye out for these guys, you may just see their works roaming around a city near you.

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