Review: Pokemon X and Y – Battling On in 3D

Originally Published on the Official Blast Away the Game Review Facebook Page 
Review by Sarah Gibson

o. Graphics have given the game an entirely new look
o. New Pokemon, with an added new type
o. Online multiplayer given a massive boost
o. Easier to train and build relationships with Pokemon

o. Basic storyline remains the same
o. The sheer amount of Pokemon to obtain for ‘dex completion
Final Verdict: 8 out of 10
 Pokemon X/Y was one of the biggest anticipated releases for the 3DS since it’s announcement. (Let’s not lie, everyone was looking forward to this game..) Nintendo hadn’t released a Pokemon game since Black and White 2. This was also the first 3D Pokemon game, so the need and demand for this game was high.

Graphically this game is the best in the Pokemon series (to me) you have a fantastic view of the cities and the surrounding areas. It’s clear that thought has gone into the design of this game; like all other Pokemon games, the game is based around a country, for X and Y, this country is France, and you can tell by the main and biggest city, Luminouse. I really like what they’ve done with the graphics, however; one of my main problems is the angles of the camera. At certain points it changes so that it’s in an uncomfortable position for me. Sometimes this is to better show off the city or the environment, but I find it distracting and sometimes surprising.

In X and Y, you’re playing an older character. A feature I really enjoy about the game is that not every character looks a like. You have so many different customization’s to choose from. Including hats, bags, hairstyles and colours, shoes, dresses and other items of clothing. You can make your character look like you, or whoever you want. This was a feature I liked about the game.

Another new feature is that you can take photographs at certain locations! If you find a little camera icon somewhere, it means you can take a photograph using your 3DS system. Again, this little quirk was something I liked. You can share pictures with your friends of how your character is looking, how far you are into the game! The only thing I think would improve this feature, is if you could have your Pokemon standing in the picture with you.

Another massive change to the game was the introduction of a new type. Fairy. This type was brought in as a counter to Dragons, who many thought were over powered and found it difficult to beat them. Fairy type pokemon are sweet, pink and fluffy… But don’t be tricked! They can be strong and in the hands of the right trainer, can be deadly. They don’t have many counters and unless you’re planning on coming up against them, you might find yourself in a spot of trouble.
A couple of new Pokemon were introduced also, bringing the new total of Pokemon to above 700. (Oh my word, that’s alot!) Some of them are actually amazing (Sylveon for example) but I know a few people that think Nintendo have run out of ideas and are just making them out of anything and everything.
I personally like the fairy type, it suits my personality down to the ground. It was something new to play with, and it was fun to see what Pokemon had had their type changed to match the new type.

Mega Evolution’s are another massive step in making Pokemon more interesting. Certain Pokemon (not all) have been given a mega evolution, which you can activate in a battle when you have their mega stone. This gives a massive boost to stats, and changes the appearence of the Pokemon. Some of the main Pokemon to mention that got a mega evolution are the original starter evolutions, Charizard (X and Y mega evolutions look completely different! Check which one you have now!) Venusaur and Blastoise. You can only use the mega evolution on one Pokemon once throughout an entire battle, so it gives another dimension to the battle, tactics and thought go into the battling process. Making battling somewhat more difficult, but to some people, a lot more fun.
Shiny Pokemon are somewhat easier to find in this game. Throughout the entire game, you are given aids to help you encounter and capture the elusive shiny pokemon! From the Pokeradar to the Chain fishing, Shiny pokemon aren’t the rare things they used to be. Making trading them online and with friends a lot easier. However, this does come with the downnside of hacking Pokemon, which I know a few people online have done. Thankfully, Nintendo thought this through and introduced the “Blue Hexagon” a way to tell that a Pokemon was bred/captured in X or Y. Ensuring that the Pokemon you’re getting is legit. I like the fact it’s easier to get Shiny Pokemon; before this game I had never encountered a shiny Pokemon, and like most people, I didn’t think I ever would. However, all that changed and I’m now the proud owner of several shiny Pokemon, whom I love and cherish!

Something brilliant was brought into this game, to help players all around the world trade Pokemon safely and without scam. The GTS (Global Trading System). You deposit your Pokemon, and say what you want for it. You can specify gender and level. I think this is an awesome feature that has made it easier for trainers, collectors and breeders in the game to help complete things they need to do; however, one problem with the GTS is that you can’t see the stats of the Pokemon being traded… You can’t tell IV’s EV’s or if it’s Kalos born (Blue Hexagon). So this is one thing to be wary about when using the GTS
EV’s have always been an important part of a serious trainers move set. In previous games, you had to farm the right type of Pokemon to raise a certain EV stat. In X/Y, they’ve abolished that, making way for more fun and interactive games to play with your ‘mon! Different mini games raise different stats, making levelling EV’s a lot easier than previous games. There are also Mini games in the “poke ami” section of your bottom DS screen. You can place a Pokemon in here, and it will gather gifts from other Pokemon it meets from other trainers. Here, you can play mini games, win pokepuffs and feed them to your Pokemon. This raises the relationship with your Pokemon, aiding the evolving of Pokemon that evolve through affection and friendship. This adds another dimension to the game, making things a bit more different to the norm.

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