ANNO Releasing on iDevice App Store!

ANNO makes its mobile debut with ANNO: Build an Empire
Originally Published on the Official Blast Away the Game Review Page on 5/7/2014

 Like its predecessors, ANNO: Build an Empire requires strategic planning to ensure players are weighing the options and consequences of their city planning in order to create powerful, successful islands. Taverns must be built to keep citizens happy and stress-free, churches will need to be built to satisfy the need for religion and homes will need to be built to keep citizens safe.

 Players will start off with one island, building it from the ground up to ensure its citizens are happy and healthy. Once players become skilled city planners, the most determined players create additional islands, managing multiple islands while guaranteeing safe trading routes with their neighbours.

 Social elements from previous ANNO titles will also be incorporated into ANNO: Build an Empire and players will have a chance to challenge friends and foes and invite them to take part in this stand-alone ANNO adventure.

 ANNO: Build an Empire is available on iPad 2 or higher and requires at least iOS6 and an internet connection to play.

About ANNO: Build an Empire

ANNO: Build an Empire is about handling more than 60 resources and 150 different buildings, each with their own special traits. While the production of wool is a fairly straight forward task, the creation of glass requires multiple manufacturing branches to produce the final goods. Start off with just a few peasants on your island and a simple production branch. Soon the first artisans, merchants and noblemen will come to your island. Build a big fleet, discover new islands and widen your realm step by step. Every island in the game is unique, and offers specific resources which you can plant and harvest.

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