Bionic Fighters update

Information provided by Imagination Vent
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Hello all! A while ago, if you remembered. I told you guys of a interesting indie game coming out called Bionic Fighters, created by Imagination Vent which is going to be a party fighting game in the spirit of Smash Bros, and Playstation All Stars.

So I’m here to relay a quick message on their behalf, and also to tell you about some exciting news.

“Imagination Vent wants to give a shout out to everyone that has already pledged to ensure our dream becomes a reality. Thank you

An exciting update for everyone on the fence and those who have already pledged. Get ready as Spade is joining the game as the 7th playable fighter in Bionic Fighters! He is from Freedom Planet and his trickster move set is uniquely dexterous to quickly subdue his enemies.

Play Style: Spade’s wide array of fast attacks and speed make him a formidable opponent.

Be sure to check out the full update here and support before the campaign ends!”

Also, in case you haven’t looked recently. They have unveiled a new arena for you to kick butt in that look extremely awesome. Anyways, make sure to swing by their Kickstarter and show them some love. – Josh.

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