Review : Titanfall – Where Titans Will Fall

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Reviewed by Josh Turner


  • Fast paced, addicting gameplay.
  • Great level design.
  • Very revolutionary idea.


  • Lack of story, even though it’s an extremely interesting world.
  • Lack of innovative game modes.
  • No single player what so ever.
  • No clan/team system at launch


Reviewers Note: First off. I would like to apologize for the fact that my review of this game is coming out so late. I just recently picked up an Xbox One, and that is why.

Part of the reason I didn’t pick up a One until now, is no exclusive titles really caught my interest. I mean sure, you have a bunch of really cool triple-A titles like Dead Rising, and Forza 5. However nothing jumped out and screamed; “Buy me now!”; Then Titanfall came along. I’m not going to lie, I had my reservations at first. Brand new IP, from a brand new company. Let alone a company forged from the ashes of one of the most burned out franchises in gaming history.

However; something about this title seemed unique. Dare I say, innovative. Could this be the game I was waiting for? Could this bring the much needed breath of fresh air the multiplayer gaming world has been needing? Titanfall’s whole aim is to rock your world with a innovative, and unique multiplayer experience. Part of how they do this, is by changing the way a normal Deathmatch works. As the title, box art, and countless ads hints. You are the proud owner of what is known as a Titan. A brooding, large, mechanical killing machine able to rip through almost anything that stands in it’s way. Well, almost anything.

Even though having a Titan is the main purpose of the game, one will find themselves most of the time without one. However, do not fret. You are still a cable killing machine even without you 40 foot body armor, and even if said armor rears it head. You have the firepower to bring her down and stand victorious.

One of the more interesting ways the battlefield is reinvented is the integration of parkour within the battles. No longer are you limited to the streets, or any interior of a building. You can basically go wherever you would like, climb on top of any building, run across any wall, and hang inside of any corner. This is truly one of my favorite things the developers did with this title, because it adds a whole extra level of chaos that I haven’t found in a multiplayer game in quite some time.

The one thing however that does raise an eyebrow with this title, is that is a online only experience. No harm, no foul there. I think we all knew something of the sort was in store when the developers main focus was the online experience. What I wasn’t expecting though, was absolutely no single player what so ever.

The campaign portion of Titanfall is played online, just like the regular game modes, and in all reality IS the regular online multiplayer that you play. Just a pre selected mode for a map… and that’s it. No special maps, or game modes. Just what you already been doing, just with a convoluted cut-scene prior to battle, and a tiny picture in the top right corner of your HUD.

I like the idea of what they tried to do here, but the execution wasn’t here when it came to the story. Granted, since one of my primary goals in life is to be a writer. I’m a stickler for things like this. I understand that this will not bother most of the crowd who will be playing Titanfall, but for me it does annoy me not to be able to have a clear understanding of the story without going online to read it.

One thing that also surprised me about this title is, that even though the primary focus of the title is multiplayer, there is no clan system built into the game. Granted, this is something that can always be patched in at a later date. However, it does make me question if I spent 60 bucks on a beta.

The main reason I say this is not only the lack of story, and single player campaign, but also that there are only five game modes to play. Disappointingly enough, three of these are rehashes of your standard shooter. (Team Deathmatch, CTF, and Hardpoint) For the other two original game modes, (Pilot hunt, and Last Titan Standing)

Let’s talk about the good first; Pilot Hunt. It’s a interesting take on Team Deathmatch where only the killing of the Pilot will advance your teams score, where as in Attrition (Standard Team Deathmatch) killing even grunts will draw you closer to victory.

Now on the flip side, we have Last Titan Standing. Fun concept, poor execution. Imagine talking to walk down the street with five sumo wrestlers in front of you. With your every move you are being blocked by a massive wall that can not be passed. Now replace the sumo’s with titan’s and you have that game mode. These maps, even though designed for titan battles, was not designed to house 12 titans at the same time. You will die quite a few times just because you will accidentally be getting stuck on fellow teammates either behind you or in front.

The thing though that makes me keep coming back is just how polished, and redefined the multiplayer actually is. With the amount of options you have at your disposal, there is really no two matches that will be the same. Adding all this together with a system called burn cards. (A one time/One life power-up) It makes the old, worn down experience of a twitch shooter feel alive and anew.

The one thing I have to say that the team at Respawn Entertainment excelled at is the world they created. Not only is the art design spot on. Creating a lush, vibrant, unique world for their game. Maps hold secrets of a lore filled world, and with promise of DLC that is right around the corner apparently. Graphically, this is (In my opinion at least) is the best looking game that the Xbox One has to offer. There has been quite a few maps that I have gawked at due to their impressive graphical beauty. Be it the desert alien lands, or the serine beach coast isle all of the levels have tons of detail within them, as well as little hideaways to find.

The sound designers also deserve a major pat on the as well for going out of their way to complement such an impressive world with not only such a awesome sound track, but also so many different sounds that truly make this game come to life. The guns sound like real weapons, when titan’s walk not only do you hear the gears churn but also hear the ground shake underneath your impressive weight.

(Final Verdict)

 Titanfall is defiantly an interesting character. It’s the killer IP Microsoft promised us, yet it isn’t exclusive to just the One. It has an amazing well thought out world, yet little to no lore to back it up. It has a full campaign mode with two stories within, yet you can’t experience said story unless your playing with others. Even though the multiplayer only approach worked for this title, I really hope this is not a prelude to other game pulling the same stunt. A game needs to have a single player as much as it needs a multiplayer, and in all truth. That, plus a lack of content off of launch prevents this from being a perfect 10 in my opinion.

If you own any of the formats that this title is released upon, you need to own this game. No excuses. Plain, and simple. This is the much needed revive for the run of the mill, tacked on multiplayer experiences that we have become accustomed to throughout the past few years.

It boldly takes that mold, and smashes it. Forcing any, and all developers to take a good long look at their title, and making them innovate where they have become stagnant and create a true multiplayer gaming experience that might just be able to stand in the shadow of this titan.

I give Titanfall for the Xbox One… A 9 out of 10

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