Trials Fusion Review

Trials Fusion Review
Published and Copyrighted by Blast Away the Game Review on 4/21/2014

Reviewed By Aaron Johnson


  • Graphic are next-gen quality
  • Tons of replay-ability 
  • Very competitive
  • A good challenge 
  • Friends list ghost rider system


  •  Only local multiplayer is available currently
  •  High chance of Rage quit
  •  Repetitive if not at relative skill level to the tracks difficulty

Trials Fusion is the first Trials game I’ve played, I had no Idea what to expect. When I started the game I was greeted with a techno like theme song that gets old very fast, but a quick jump to settings solved that issue. After getting started on the career mode you start with a event called Greenhorn’s Grove. You start with a training program that eases you into the games simple yet difficult to master game mechanics. After completing this short warm up, it’s time for the first track TurbinehaveTerror. It’s a simple track with the task of testing what you just learned in the training program, now if you ace it you either have a great grasp on the beginner mechanics, you’ve played the past Fusion game, or maybe luck?

After getting a taste of what the game is, I couldn’t stop trying to ace every track after the Greenhorn’s Grove, and the tracks gradually get tougher after each track progression. It wasn’t until the Urban Sprawl event did I get a little change from the usual trial racing. FMX is the freestyle part of Fusions Trials and the system is also a very simple one tricks are performed using the right analog stick, but not easy to master. There isn’t a ton of FMX tracks but they are peppered through the game seemingly strategicly to give the player a break from the usual Trial mode and Trial mode can make you want to take a quick pause from the game to relieve the pent up frustration sometimes, so to me it’s a welcome break.

Aside from the Trials, FMX freestyle, and the occasional skill game which are interesting to say the least is the Garage. Here is where you can see your available dirt bikes and one atv (I still have one vehicle locked, it may be an atv or dirt bike.) which you are able to customize with different colors, rim styles, and body kits. The colors are free, but new rims and body kit need to be unlocked via meeting certain goals and then bought, same with the rider’s gear which I will get to soon. Mind you the money is earned through the tracks depending on the medal you get. After you’re done customizing your ride you are able to change your riders gear, through the same way you unlock the rims and body kits and they will need to be bought too. There are no upgrades to the engine, suspension, and etc. unfortunately.

As of now multiplayer is only local, but while waiting the true multiplayer to go live try the Step into the Light mode which requires a Uplay account. Step into the Light mode is to unlock a special rider suit, it makes you look like Evel Knievel. If you want the suit you’ll also need Trials Frontier, as the tracks In Step into the Light are in both games and you’ll need to gold medal all three tracks on both games, then you’ll have your snazzy suit.

Note: After world wide multiplayer is released, I will update the review to include my take on the “true” multiplayer

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