Xbox Game Pass to include multiple FINAL FANTASY titles


Square Enix has revealed that FINAL FANTASY’s VII through FINAL FANTASY XV will be joining the official Xbox Game Pass roster in 2020 and will be available for the Xbox family and Windows 10 devices. Here’s the full scoop.

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Review: Xbox Game Pass – A Budget-friendly option for Xbox gamers


After almost a year with Xbox Game Pass, it’s finally time to talk about its pros, it cons and whether the service is a massive win for Microsoft. Here are our thoughts.

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Review: State of Decay 2: Daybreak Pack – An exciting and new take on survival


State of Decay 2’s Daybreak Pack adds in a rather exciting adventure that up to four people to team up and to take on unimaginable odds as players fight off against seemingly endless waves of zombies. Find out what we thought in our review. Continue reading

Review: State of Decay 2 – A state of farming and zombie fun


State of Decay 2 is the sequel to the 2013 Xbox and PC exclusive by State of Decay by Undead Labs, which saw a re-release in 2015 as “State of Decay: Year One Survival Edition”. With the sequel now out and our foray into the zombie-filled apocalypse having hit its climax, it’s time to talk about the game with our review for State of Decay 2.

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Review: Forza Motorsport 7 – The Racing King Returns to Compete


+By far one of the best looking games available to date
+Offers one of the most realistic racing experiences available
+Graphic quality and overall performance is astonishing regardless of platform
+Loot boxes are done right and do not prevent a players overall enjoyment of the title

-Career mode does feel a bit off-center, forcing players to save credits to purchase cars, and locking their progression behind such tedious manners

When I first started Forza Motorsport 7, I’d expected something I’ve been familiar with in many ways. First, I was expecting moderately amplified graphics, utilizing the power of the Xbox One or my Nvidia GTX 1060 GPU. Second, I was expecting a moderate collection of cars that would help bring my experience to the forefront and push my immersion to all new levels. Third, I was expecting Forza Motorsport 7 to be slightly problematic with the implementation of loot boxes.

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