Vigor gets major news for Switch, PS4, and PS5

Vigor has officially received release dates for Nintendo Switch and PlayStation 4 with a release window for PlayStation 5. Here’s the lowdown from Bohemia Interactive’s latest reveal.

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Vigor Review – Tense looting and shooting comes to the Switch


Bohemia Interactive’s fun gunplay and survival game has come to the Nintendo Switch as a free-to-play loot and shoot title. Now, it’s turning on the Switch and taking players on the go as a worthwhile title for their bug-out bag.

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Vigor Preview (Switch) – Switch on the survival instincts


After having spent dozens of hours on the Xbox One version of Vigor, the Nintendo Switch version caught our attention, bringing forth the idea of going out on a mission, gathering items, and facing down against others like myself. However, it was the time to ask ourselves: Can a game this demanding work on Switch?

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Vigor is coming to Nintendo Switch, Closed Beta to take place on April 9th


If you haven’t had the chance to jump into Vigor on Xbox One, you can prepare for the Nintendo Switch version, which is set to go into Closed Beta starting April 9th until April 16th. Here’s how to enroll for the beta.

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Vigor Beginner’s Guide -How to survive and become the hunter


In Vigor, you’ll need to survive, and these basic tips and tricks could very well help you along the way in this game that mashes up mechanics from titles like DayZ, Rust and Escape from Tarkov. Let’s get to survive.

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