Steam Summer Sale: 19 Indie Games to cool off with this summer


The Steam Summer Sale is here and that means one thing: Big Savings. To help you better prepare, we’ve decided to draw together a list featuring some of today’s hidden gems, but also some of today’s heaviest hitters in the indie category. Are you ready to cool off and have some fun that’s not in the sun?

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Epic Games Store: Why it’s a threat to Steam


Epic Games Store

The battle for the best has begun and the showdown happens to be between both Epic Games and Valve with the Epic Games Store and Steam, but there’s a reason behind it. Devs are turning to Epic for a very specific reason: Profits.

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Did you buy Abstractism? You need to uninstall the game today.


Steam has confirmed the removal of Okalo Union’s title Abstractism as it was secretly farming cryptocurrency behind the scenes. But it wasn’t brought to light by fans of the game, but rather, famed YouTuber SidAlpha that revealed the devious scheme that was well underway.

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