Review: Total War: Warhammer II – A Smashing Good Time


+Doesn’t deviate from Warhammer or Total War source materials
+Character models are top notch and highly detailed
+Combat remains as strategic as ever
+Four new and delightful factions to enjoy
+Post release content is a delight to play and look forward to

-Can be overwhelmingly difficult to take in for newcomers

When we reviewed the original Total War: Warhammer title, we appraised the game rather highly thanks to its creative approach using the Warhammer setting, and the races that lie within. Again, Creative Assembly has already begun to prove the relevance of using the Warhammer universe in Total War. Of course, that doesn’t go without stating that the Warhammer properties have been used across all sorts of games and genres. They’ve been hits, misses, and a few successes.

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