The Surge 2: The Kraken Review – They released the Kraken!


The Surge 2: The Kraken DLC aims to provide players with a new zone, new enemy types, new gear, and equipment to enjoy, but our biggest question yet: Is it a big enough package at its $11.99 USD price point? Let’s find out!

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The Surge 2 Review – Surging with limitless potential


The Surge 2 has finally received some heavy-hitting content, which means, it’s time to see if The Surge 2 is worth picking up in 2020, and if so, why. Let’s find out in our review for The Surge 2 followed by a review for The Surge 2: Kraken DLC.

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The Surge 2’s Kraken Expansion available, experience an all-new story today


If you’ve already had your fun dismembering enemies, using what you took for parts to create armor, weapons, and equipment, you’ll find the Kraken Expansion will add onto that experience with hours of narrative-driven content and a brand-new location.

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