Review: The Flame in the Flood – Surviving the Flood


+Battery consumption is minimal while playing in handheld mode on the Switch
+Transitions well as a console/handheld hybrid title
+One of the most enjoyable games thanks to its artistic direction
+Resources are scarce, forcing players to understand survival

-Menu’s can be hard to navigate
-Extremely unforgiving for new players
-Could have used a simpler crafting and menu navigation system

It’s been an interesting couple of months with The Flame in the Flood. On the surface, it’s a game that presents players with a beautifully crafted world, one that uses stylized art and charming audio for fans to enjoy. What isn’t apparent to those paying extreme attention to detail is something a bit more detailed: The Flame in the Flood by Molasses Flood’s debut title is not near as charming. It’s the harsh reality of what it’s like to survive.

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