Review: Assault Gunners HD Edition – Gunning for Improvements


+Extremelywell-done settings that bring the game’s story to life
+A rather deep amount of customizations that span across four mechs in total
+Missions can easily be completed in a matter of minutes, allowing players to push through the content in a matter of hours

-Hefty amounts of repetition that get boring with time
-Controls remain clunky, even for modern controls
-Maps and assets are overused, allowing for little variation between each level
-Mission objectives and goals do not change, causing each one to feel uninspired

When Assault Gunners first released in Japan, I was skeptical about the game ever coming West, mostly for the fact that mech games don’t tend to do rather well within the states. Not often do you hear gamer’s rallying behind a game where they can control mechs, blasting their ways in a gigantic metal robot designed for pure destruction, but then again, there’s still a crowd rallying behind such games, even if a smaller crowd.

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