Review: Sudden Strike 4 – Enjoyable, but Stricken with Minor Flaws

Ease of access to player based units
+Offers Soviet, German, and Allied campaigns
+Multiplayer is enjoyable thanks to its accompanied learning curve

-Difficulties are extremely easy or extremely hard
-Controls on PC were glitching at times, making gameplay with a controller a bit harder (not present on PS4 version)
-Unit selection as well as use of abilities was a bit hard to navigate and confusing during first initial few hours of gameplay
-Confusing and hard to use control schemes


Console and PC based RTS’ can be a hard line to walk. On one hand, you need the gameplay to transition well and offer an experience that both platforms can enjoy. On the other hand, you want to the game to be an unforgettable experience to fans whom get their hands on your game. You want the challenges of a mouse-control based game to be perfect. This is a struggle that developers have had before with games such as Halo Wars and even Tropico 4.

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