Review: Raiden V: Director’s Cut – A Lightning Fast Good Time

Raiden V Directors Cut_ss_07

+A delightful throwback to the retro era of SHMUP games
+A complete retro experience in the modern era
+A nostalgic use of graphics and music
+Same-couch multiplayer is highly welcomed

-Campy dialogue and the cheer system sounds override the amazing music
-Lack of online multiplayer in the modern era takes away from the experience

Growing up, I was used to the popularity of the SHMUP genre. A genre that consisted of franchises such as RaidenGunbird, and Darius. 20 years ago, when I was still in my pre-teens, these games weren’t hard to find, and every console to-date was loaded full with them. These franchises are fleeting fancies for esoteric collectors like myself. Even today, they’re a dying breed around the world it seems.

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