IndieCade Makes Paperbound an Official Selection and Paperbound Gets an Update (Updated)


Update: Paperbounds upcoming update will be launching on both Steam and PSN on 10/21/2015! Prepare to enjoy the fresh breath of new content and stay tuned for our re-review!

Original: Paperbound is a game that is highly enjoyable for families that want to entertain up to four people in a brawler like experience. That experience, however, is about to change in the upcoming days. Recently submitted to Sony Europe and Sony of America; Paperbound’s newest update will feature a campaign that will allow for 1-2 players to take on a series of challenges across the games eighteen arenas. The campaign features to specific modes known as Stalwart and Gatekeeper.

The games Gatekeeper mode will easily be seen as a tower defense like experience where players will attempt to to take out any enemies before they can exit the arena. This means fighting them the best players can before they exit. Spawns for them are randomly placed around the map. The upcoming mode Stalwart is similar, which will require each enemy to eliminate the player character before opening a personal exit portal.

The new update will also feature things such as new mutators that allow for infinite ink bombs, vampire mode, and even weapon picks up. This also includes a bunch of other new edits that will allow players to have new stories to tell in their Paperbound experience. We’ll let Dan from Paperbound tell you more about the upcoming changes!

More Information:
*Added a secret team game mode that Rocket League fans will enjoy
*Improvements to AI navigation and behavior, including difficulty levels
*Some visual changes to add clarity, such as larger glows for exit points and an option to decrease background color saturation (some players experienced a bit of difficulty tracking the fast-paced action, so this should help them out).

*Mouse input support in the PC version

If you haven’t tried out Paperbound on PlayStation 4 or PC you can check out our review for the game.

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