Review: SUPERBEAT XONiC – Dropping the Beat on the Switch


+Performs extremely well on the Nintendo Switch
+68 tracks for players to enjoy
+Very intuitive controls that are learned by playing the game continually
+Extremely rewarding no matter what you do

-Can be overwhelming from time-to-time for players new to beat rhythm titles
-Tutorials themselves are quite punishing for players at first
-Switch controller thumbsticks do not play nicely with the games thumbstick requirements

I’ve always been a fan of beat rhythm games. I first got my start at playing dance rhythm and beat rhythm titles in March of 1999 thanks to Dance Dance Revolution, or as it is lovingly called, DDR. I’ve invested in games such as Deemo, Guitar HeroJust Dance, and even Rock Band. But something was always missing. Something that was fun, portable, and highly enjoyable to play.

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