Review: Maize – A Corny, Not-So-Good Time with a Russian Teddy Bear


[Credits: Finish Line Games]

+Fourth-wall breaking jokes that honestly deliver a good few laughs
+Voice acting is superb
+Aesthetically a rather beautiful game thanks to Unreal Engine

-Extremely linear gameplay
-Puzzles are barely challenging, if at all
-Intermittent crashes while playing
-Backtracking is impossible due to some orange boxes
-Would have worked well as a VR title

Through all the years of games I’ve played, I’ve been hard pressed to find those that are truly unique, abstract, absurd, and even challenging in any form. More-often-than-not, I’ve been challenged to do so. While there are certainly indie games out there proving to be unique and challenging, there’s still very few that have intrigued me into the point of finding some wacky form of fulfillment. If you’re here for story, you may be in the wrong place, but if you’re hear for a challenge, you’re definitely in the place to be.

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