Review: Shadows: Awakening – Breathing life into the dungeon crawlers

With a release in just the past couple of months, Shadows: Awakening finds itself seated within a genre filled with popular games in a similar fashion. But the question is, since its establishment in 2014 release as Shadows: Awakening – Book I with a remastering featuring the never-before-released Book II. But does it hit all the right strides? Find out in our review.

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Sudden Strike 4 Gets a Day One Edition


Today Kalypso Media, the team behind the World War II Real-Time-Strategy series Sudden Strike has announced that the series will be returning to Windows PC and for the first-time-ever on consoles with a release on PlayStation 4. To celebrate this announcement, the company has also released the information pertaining to the game getting a “Day One Edition”, which will feature some special stuff for those that buy the retail version.

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