Review: Hyakki Castle – Spooky, Dark and Mesmerising

1_Extra Dungeon

+Unique two-point combat system allowing for combat from multiple angles
+Extremely detailed and beautiful Japanese themed enemies
+Audio design is absolutely superb and should absolutely be experienced with headphones
+Controls are easy to learn and quite enjoyable.

-First-person views can, at times, be overwhelming when first learning the dual-view combat screens
-A small change in scenery from area to area would have been welcomed over the course of the game
-The dual party system is unique, but isn’t highly utilized throughout the game

I’d be lying to you if I didn’t admit this simple fact: I’ve been taking my sweet time with Hyakki Castle. While I promised my review would be sooner than later, a part of me felt that I’d pushed my way through the game faster than I’d hoped to have and even somehow neglected to truly enjoy the title that had been presented to me.

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Opinion: Cuphead, I Need a Break From You and Your Difficult Gameplay


Over the span of a few days I’ve found myself in a peculiar spot after playing Studio MDHR’s recently released indie game Cuphead. In the past few days, I’ve also found myself coasting through a storm of emotions, but not because of any form of mental illness or the likes.

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Review: Evil Genome – Some Evil’s Shouldn’t be Toyed With


[Credits: Crystal Depths Studio]

+Extremely well done terrains and character models
+Stage designs are interesting, providing plenty of challenge to the player
+Talent trees and itemization create a rather nice challenge for RPG fans

-Extremely poor quality voice acting from supporting cast members
-Extremely high difficulty spikes
-Story was hard to enjoy from beginning to end
-Enemies are predictable and at times offer no challenge
-Poorly optimized

Evil Genome is a game that undoubtedly flew under the radar. Developed by Crystal Depths Studio, Evil Genome tells the story of our lady of the hour, Lachesis and her witty, but at times annoying sidekick Alfa, an A.I. designed to aid her in her ventures. To help us get started, I was quickly taught several things. First, pay attention to the difficulty. The game comes with an unstated difficulty curve, one that fans of CastlevaniaMetroid, and even the Contra franchises should be well acquainted with over the past two decades.

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Review: Maize – A Corny, Not-So-Good Time with a Russian Teddy Bear


[Credits: Finish Line Games]

+Fourth-wall breaking jokes that honestly deliver a good few laughs
+Voice acting is superb
+Aesthetically a rather beautiful game thanks to Unreal Engine

-Extremely linear gameplay
-Puzzles are barely challenging, if at all
-Intermittent crashes while playing
-Backtracking is impossible due to some orange boxes
-Would have worked well as a VR title

Through all the years of games I’ve played, I’ve been hard pressed to find those that are truly unique, abstract, absurd, and even challenging in any form. More-often-than-not, I’ve been challenged to do so. While there are certainly indie games out there proving to be unique and challenging, there’s still very few that have intrigued me into the point of finding some wacky form of fulfillment. If you’re here for story, you may be in the wrong place, but if you’re hear for a challenge, you’re definitely in the place to be.

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What Exactly is ‘Raiders of the Broken Planet’ by MercurySteam?

Raiders of the Broken Planet_20170923025547

If you had asked me a few weeks ago about this mysterious game called Raiders of the Broken Planet, I would have shrugged my shoulders, glanced back at my phone, and continued sifting through the ungodly amount of emails I go through on a daily basis. However, that had changed after earlier today. I finally got to sit down for a few solid hours and began playing through this new IP by MercurySteam, the team behind Metroid: Samus Returns’, latest adventure. Before you get to reading, I suggest you grab a soda, make some popcorn, and lets have a little discussion, because I am extremely excited to discuss this with you.

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Preview: JCB Pioneer: Mars – Mars is Harsh and Deadlier than Ever


[Credits: Atomicom]

At its core, JCB Pioneer: Mars is a survival game that imagines players taking on the role of an astronaut whom has been forced to colonize Mars after their lander has crashed on the planets surface. The game is a unique partnership between the industrial vehicle manufacturer JCB, European astrophysicist Dry. Maggie Lei, and indie developer studio Atomicom. In Early Access on steam, we get to see what the realistic colonization of Mars may look like within the next several years as plans for such an endeavor have gotten underway in the real world.

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