Review: God Wars: Future Past – The Future Looks Bright for the Gods

• Great Story – Sucks you in and you want to find out what happens
• Offers a wonderful and classic approach to turn-based strategy RPG elements
• Character development – in dept allot of customization
• Graphically nice for the genre – beautiful pixel combat, cut scene, and story board dialogue
• Outstanding ST – Nothing surprising expect nothing less
• Likable/detestable characters – Players can easily relate to some of the games characters

• Subtitles are absent for the games cutscenes. Cut scenes are dubbed in Japanese


Joining in on the ever-popular genre tactical RPG’s, NIS has enlisted their newest title into the ranks of this genre, and continues to do so thanks to the Japanese studio Kadokawa Games. This all seemed to grow when Natural Doctrine attempted to help revolutionize the genre, but was quickly taken back to basics by God Wars.

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