Review: God of War – Ring the Bells of War

God of War_20180420180206

+Character depth and growth is astoundingly well done
+Some of the best visuals made available on the PlayStation 4
+The sound design is superb and stands out among its peer titles
+Combat has been slowed down and given purpose for both Kratos and Atreus
+The semi-open world is rather well designed, allowing for players to explore it to its fullest


Within the opening minutes of God of War, you quickly come to realize several things and each of them is equally as important to the game than they were in previous titles in the series. Kratos has taken a step back from his former self. Long gone are the days of the Blades of Chaos whirling about, hissing in the air before they slash across a foe, quickly sending them spiraling to the ground in a bloody mess. This time, Kratos has changed. He’s not the demigod that we once knew. Now, he’s a man, a father, and the beloved to his now deceased Midgardian wife.

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God of War Review Round-Up: Step Aside Aloy, Kratos is Back


[Credits: SIE Santa Monica Studio]

Sony is already preparing for one of their biggest years yet. While they are indeed the publisher of several of the PlayStation 4’s powerhouse titles to be landing on their console this year, developers like Sony Santa Monica have had their work cut out for them in order to ensure that they keep up with Sony’s growing standards in what a game should be. After all, they’ve already been absolutely dominating this generation with the likes of Killzone: Shadowfall (albeit it was the weakest in the Killzone franchise), Horizon Zero DawnKnack, and even their biggest hit that has yet to release to the general public: God of War.

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