Google Stadia: Is it a must or a bust?


As gaming technology continues to evolve and more companies look to get into the larger picture and push it forward. Among them comes Google with their new streaming Platform, ‘Google Stadia’, which will showdown against Microsoft’s ‘Project XCloud’ when it launches. 

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Here’s why you should be using Two-Step Authentication for your gaming accounts


Locking down your account is as simple as setting up a security password when creating your account. But is the added security really worth it? Here’s what you need to know.

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AVerMedia announces 4K Gaming Capture Cards at Computex 2018

AVerMedia 4K UHD line key art

AVerMedia Technologies, Inc., one of the leaders in digital video and audio technology, has announced their brand-new line of low latency Live Gamer 4K UHD capture cards and internal PCIe cards that will capture 4K gaming and even enable 4K streaming at 240 fps.

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The ESA Responds to Hawaii’s Proposed Legislations on Loot Boxes


In several countries, the move to ban loot boxes from games altogether is gaining steam. Several countries including Germany and Belgium have already begun to see them as a predatory practice as well as a form of gambling, which very well means that they could be getting regulations put against them in those countries before much longer.

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Games, Bonding, And A Son’s Love For His Father

He sits to attention, hands on mouse and keyboard, glasses dipped partially down over his nose, his cheeks tense with anticipation. His beard is now white at 59, his smile slightly more weathered than before, but his intent on besting whatever challenge is thrown up on screen has never wavered. For 31 years, I’ve shared these sorts of experiences with my father, and will cherish the time ahead now it seems so limited.

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Opinion: We Need to Talk About PewDiePie and Toxicity


[Credits: YouTube/Felix Kjellberg]

For years, I’ve followed Felix Kjellberg, whom is more-well known as PewDiePie to the YouTube world. He’s a man that has taken the internet by storm and become the biggest star on YouTube to date. However, in the past few months, he’s been at providing us with some of the most provocative content in his career. Content bad enough popular companies such as Disney and Campo Santo (the studio behind the smash-hit title Firewatch) have dropped him all together. The latter of the two having gone as far as to slap Kjellberg with DMCA take-downs of videos containing their content that is associated with him.

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