American Fugitive Review – Just a good ol’ American romp

American Fugitive_20191209051102

American Fugitive is an ambitious title, one bringing years of experience together into one single game and its goal? To tell a tale about revenge, justice, and vindication. However, now we have to wonder, can it go the distance?

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American Fugitive: State of Emergency update announced for November 25th


American Fugitive by Fallen Tree Games is about to wreak even more havoc with its next title update on November 25th. The latest trailer gives a glimpse of absolute chaos.

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Review: Smoke and Sacrifice – Sacrifices, Smoke, and a Sun God


Smoke and Sacrifice is the debut title for independent developer Solar Sail Games. In the title, players take on the role of Sachi, a mother in mourning who wants to know the truth behind her child’s disappearance and sets out on a wild quest to find proof of his existence in the world after a sacrifice that she believes to have been faked. Find out what we thought with our review of the Nintendo Switch indie title.

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