Diablo III cross-platform play has been confirmed to be in the works


With BlizzCon just a short couple of weeks away, it seems that this kind of news that you’d imagine would wait for BlizzCon 2018. However, that’s not the case, and Blizzard has since confirmed that console players will get to play together.

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Opinion: Sony, We Need Cross-Play, Starting Now, and Not Later


‘DOOM (2016), PC via Steam'[Credits: id Software]

It’s almost 7pm when I lean back, nearly falling off the bench I game on. I rub my back a few times, yawn, and subtly press my press-to-talk key for Discord. I hear the voices quiet the moment I chime in, informing my friends that I’m stepping away, and shutting down for the night. Unfortunately, it would be the last I hear from them as I move across the house, one step at a time, and place my cup full of tea upon my table.

Slowly I glance between my PlayStation 4, my Xbox One, and our families Nintendo Switch, letting out a somewhat distraught sigh. My friends are spread out, a few on Xbox One, a handful on PlayStation 4, and even a few on Nintendo Switch. After a few minutes, I settle for PlayStation 4 as my choice for the night. I’ll boot up a title such as WarframeFortnite, or Final Fantasy XIV: Stormblood as I normally would.

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