Review: Hyakki Castle – Spooky, Dark and Mesmerising

1_Extra Dungeon

+Unique two-point combat system allowing for combat from multiple angles
+Extremely detailed and beautiful Japanese themed enemies
+Audio design is absolutely superb and should absolutely be experienced with headphones
+Controls are easy to learn and quite enjoyable.

-First-person views can, at times, be overwhelming when first learning the dual-view combat screens
-A small change in scenery from area to area would have been welcomed over the course of the game
-The dual party system is unique, but isn’t highly utilized throughout the game

I’d be lying to you if I didn’t admit this simple fact: I’ve been taking my sweet time with Hyakki Castle. While I promised my review would be sooner than later, a part of me felt that I’d pushed my way through the game faster than I’d hoped to have and even somehow neglected to truly enjoy the title that had been presented to me.

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