What’s Next for Dark Souls III Developer From Software in 2017? Is it Armored Core?

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If this year has been anything, but slow, it’s not a shocker was 2017 prepares to take off with a bang. With titles such as Capcom’s Resident Evil VII: biohazard, Koei Tecmo’s Fate/Stay Extella, and Gravity Rush 2 preparing for their debuts, there’s a lot to be left for wonder about what we should be prepared for this year. From Software, however, is making that curiosity run even deeper when they announced their work on an entirely new IP has begun, but also the fact they’ve confirmed that they are revisiting an old franchise of theirs.

What if, however, they are planning to revisit a franchise they’d once developed a countless set of games for starting back on PlayStation 1? While many would be a bit surprised at this idea, Armored Core, remains a remarkable game from the legendary developer. With many of the core mechanics of Dark Souls, the games both value themselves on a multitude of things ranging from weapons, to armor (the core beig the armor in Armored Core). The helmet, as one would expect, would play the role of the head between the two franchises.

While we are seeing many run and gun games out for fans to enjoy, partially thanks to the renewed joy found from them, Armored Core, is anything other than average due to its punishingly difficult enemies. With Ravens (the pilot/player) controlling them across various missions, fans find themselves fighting forth with every bit of strength and agility their fingers have to offer. However, much can change now thanks to the new consoles fans have to enjoy.

How Would Armored Core Work These Days?


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As with any game, it’s hard to imagine a game of this size being anything, but sortie selections, something we’ve gotten accustomed to thanks to the work Digital Extremes has done with Warframe, but there is something that could quite easily change these days. Mission hubs, which allow the players to move across a large world in real time, something we’e come quite accustomed to thanks to the Dark Souls and Bloodborne.

Players, much like in Dark Souls III, would find themselves departing constantly from a central hub such as Firelink Shrine in order to upgrade, repair, and even purchase new gear. Thanks to Armored Core using mobile units and bases, this could work as well for a game on this kind of scale, but would require some hefty work on the behalf of From Software.

It would be hard for them not to take this approach once more, but also, it would take a lot as it would require them to once more rethink the PvP approach to the game. Something that was constantly bickered about by fans in both Armored Core V and Armored Core Verdict Day. The last one struggled rather hard with balancing the need for PvP and story campaign. For now, we’ll have to sit this one out, and see where they just happen to go with it and see where they go as Miyazaki actually hinted at revisiting earlier this year.

Bloodborne 2, Demon’s Souls II, or Something New?

Dark Souls III - Hawkwood fugitive from Farron's Undead Legion

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When it comes to where the company could go, they have plenty of paths to take thanks to the success of each of their franchises. Their path could rather easily succeed depending on what they decide to do. If there’s anything we can hope for, it’s for From Software to blow the lid off of 2017 thanks to a statement the producers that From Software have made that could very well prepare us for this news.

Depending on where they go, we could see them battling out Game of the Year with Bethesda Zenimax, Naughty Dog and Ubisoft once more. If anything sticks true, Miyazaki will be letting us revisit Armored Core later this year.

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