CYTUS α is now available on Nintendo Switch


As of today, PM Studios and acttil have officially released their critically acclaimed rhythm game from Rayark, which brings what mobile fans have been enjoying on their touch-based devices to life on the Nintendo Switch.

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Join acctill and PM Studios tomorrow for an AMA about the game MUSYNX


MUSYNX, the latest beat rhythm game from publisher acctill and developer PM Studios is now available exclusively for the PlayStation 4 and PlayStation Vita. To celebrate, the duo has announced that they will be hosting an AMA on Reddit starting tomorrow.

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Beat Rhythm Game ‘SUPERBEAT: XONiC’ is Headed to Nintendo Switch


Today PM Studios and publisher Acctil have announced that their smash-hit title SUPERBEAT XONiC will be headed to a Nintendo Switch near you, starting this fall. At the moment, the developer has only released a bit of information about the games minor changes made for the Nintendo Switch.

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