The Road to QuakeCon 2018 – A Look Back at the Beginning


With less than two weeks left until QuakeCon 2018, David reflects back on what has led up to his excitement to attend the event and why he’s looking forward to QuakeCon 2018 in Dallas, TX, at the Gaylord Texan.

Well, it’s two weeks and counting until the premier gaming event in the central US and I can’t wait. QuakeCon will run from 8/9/18 through 8/12/18. The Gaylord Texan will be hosting this event again. It’s going to be bigger and better than last year with so much to try and take in.

I went to QuakeCon for the first time 3 years ago. I really didn’t expect that much out of it but man was I wrong. I had just got back into playing video games and things had changed so much. I had done a few reviews for Blast Away but they were mainly sporting games since that was what I was comfortable with. I hadn’t found anything that really jumped up and grabbed me but that was all about to change.

Since this was all new to me I was in awe of all that was going on. I had never seen so many people playing games in one place in my life. The BYOC was amazing. Everyone, there was having an awesome time. You had thousands of people there for the same reason – gaming. The PC’s were from modest to off the wall but no one cared what the others system was like, it was a brotherhood. They were just having fun.

The experience was one of the best I’ve had. Everyone was there to have a good time. There were no agreements. If someone’s pc broke and someone else had a spare part that was needed it was back up and going. Gaming was the only thing that mattered and whatever it took. It was such an influence that my son and I built a gaming PC after QuakeCon last year and we will be in the BYOC this time.

I went to the seminars and saw Fallout for the very first time. I know I was way behind the times, but I had quit playing games to support a family. Now that the kids were grown I had more time to do hobbies and I had started gaming again over the winter. Fallout4 had my attention.

It was a game I could work on the quest if I wanted or if time was short I could just explore. It has become my favorite game to play. I just started it over to get ready for Fallout 76. There are so many things coming out this year I can’t wait. With Fallout 76, Doom Eternal and Rage 2, it is going to be a blast.

The panels will be big, the giveaways will be amazing and the tournaments exciting. This year I want to take the time and watch the Quake Champions Tournament. If there is any way you can make this event you must do so, hope to see you there.

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