Rainbow Six Siege: A Few Pro Tips I Wish I’d Known Sooner



Credits: Ubisoft


As Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege quickly approaches its third year in the upcoming week thanks to the upcoming Outbreak Event and Operation Chimera getting underway at the exact same time; I was asked if I’d give the game another chance and so I have. But there were a few things I wish I’d known sooner than later and these tips and tricks have since helped me perform better in a game that I once thought as being extremely linear.

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Rainbow Six Siege Operation Chimera Operators and Outbreak Event Revealed


Ubisoft has been on a solid track record for the best post-release game content with their recent releases of For Honor, The Division, and Ghost Recon: Wildlands. In a continued effort to continue that statement, the developer and publisher has once more revealed a new set of operators that are preparing to make their way to Rainbow Six Siege with the release of Operation Chimera.

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Ubisoft Has Announced Pre-Orders For Some Adorable Rainbow Six Siege Figurines


If you’re a fan of Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six, which lives on thanks to the support of fans and Ubisoft, you’re in luck if you’ve been looking to collect some collectibles. Today the company has announced that they have released the SIX Collection Chibi, a set of 5 exclusive figurines inspired by characters from the game.

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