Batman: Arkham Collection Rumoured for PlayStation 4


If you are a rather large fan of Batman: Arkham series, you already know the series is a blast, and the story is an amazing one to experience. As part of the series, Sony has been making a huge stride to become one of the biggest names in gaming, and they are doing it quite well. With this announcement, we have learned that remastering games is nothing new, and the latest one for the crowd is the Batman: Arkham Collection, which will be coming through with Batman: Arkham Asylum and Barman: Arkham City. While we’d be interested to see Batman: Arkham Origins will be apart of said bundle. According to Eurogamer will start going available for pre-order starting tomorrow.

If tomorrow is true, this means we will see an announcement sometime today for fans to begin their pre-orders for the games slated June launch. With this rumor aiming at it for PlayStation 4, we should be seeing the game in 1080p at a smooth and buttery 60fps on the new hardware. If the U.K. magazine Games Master is right, the game will launch in the U.K. on June 10th, which gives us the idea that it could launch on June 3rd for North America.

Now if only we could get BioWare/EA Games to announce the Mass Effect Trilogy for Next-Gen and 2k to announce the BioShock Collection that have been rumoured for a while now.

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