Dynasty Warriors 9 Empires is preparing to storm the castle in February 2022

Get ready to see the legendary leaders of Dynasty Warriors return in Dynasty Warriors 9 Empires as they prepare to storm the castles of their foes in February 2022 on all current-gen and next-gen platforms.

If you are still chewing your way through Samurai Warriors 5, get ready to have something else to sharpen your blade with on February 15th, 2022, as Dynasty Warriors 9 Empires prepares to storm onto PC, PlayStation and Xbox consoles, alongside Nintendo Switch.

The upcoming title will combine the elements of both 1 vs. 1,000 elements alongside the well-renowned strategic gameplay elements of the Empires versions of the previous titles. The upcoming title will include a new feature called “Storming the Castle” where players will find that castles have now been turned into large scale battlefields.

These battlefield skirmishes will evolve into “Storming the Castle” encounters where players will attempt to take over their opponents castle by wiping out their forces. These “Siege Battles with Troops” will allow them to invade their enemy’s base, take advantage of available siege weapons, break through their enemy’s gate, and enter a “Decisive Battle”.

Once the “Decisive Battle” has ended, the player will either have won or lost the battle against the castle’s commanding officer. While they will rejoin the battlefield upon defeat, they won’t be a pushover, and there is a chance they could recapture their castle that a player has stormed.

There’s also “Secret Plans,” which will allow for players to activate this element during their missions if selected in the battle preparation phase. These “Secret Plan” elements will allow players to find success or failure based on the conditions that need to be met in order to succeed. 

Some of the plans can actually be rather favorable during missions where you are directed to “capture surrounding bases,” “defeat messengers,” “escort the engineers,” and plenty more based on their conditions that need to be met. Each battle, of course, will have different “secret Plans” that have a way to be activated once discovered and they will give players an advantage when in battle.

A new element to Dynasty Warriors 9 Empire will also be Army Affinity. Each officer’s unit will have a military unit type assigned to them, which comes in as a new officer characteristic players will need to pay attention to. That includes how all three units work and their weaknesses which are as follows: Infantry < Archer < Cavalry < Infantry. 

When units fight against opponents at an advantage, they’ll deal more damage, but also, they take less from their disadvantaged foes. There’s plenty more about this too including how siege units work, their weaknesses, and plenty more to be discovered. Elements such as political intrigue and the domestic systems will return as players attempt to unify China in Dynasty Warriors 9 Empires when it launches on February 12th, 2022.

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  1. Such a good concept, strategies and cutscenes/stories and quests..But GOD awful battles. Its essentially a one man army. The player does everything while his allies and even enemies just circle around with a passive style of combat. There are hundreds of common troops that do absolutely nothing but wait to be killed. I remember even in the earlier games like 5 the common soldiers would give the officers a hard time. Even the officers in this game are so passive Its too bad they sacrificed AI just for a flashy game

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