Returnal gets new PS5 gameplay footage in an all-new dev diary

In an all-new dev diary from Housemarque Games, gameplay footage for Returnal has been revealed, giving fans a new chance to check out what the game will have to offer when it launches on April 30th, 2021, exclusively for PlayStation 5.

Returnal, the next big PlayStation 5 exclusive, is just coming just over the horizon in the next few weeks. There’s no doubt that the game will have a lot to offer in the sense of challenges and rewards that await those willing to brave its endless cycle of death and rebirth.

To help fans better prepare, Housemarque Games, the developers behind the upcoming title, have revealed more about Returnal’s gameplay elements as well as some behind-the-scenes looks at what went into making the title in its latest developer diary.

The latest HouseCast diary is explored by Gregory Louden, narrative director of Returnal, as he explains how the player will learn about the alien planet of Atropos alongside the protagonist, Selene, and her past. Those who are looking forward to the upcoming launch will be excited to know that alongside that tidbit of info, combat is shown off a bit more in all its frantic nature.

Returnal will arrive on PlayStation 5 on April 30th, 2021, and will test the skills, situational awareness, and the ability to adapt and overcome when the greatest of challenges appear. Will you be ready? Let us know in the comments below.

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