The ’90s-inspired shooter Hellbound launches in August


After spending nearly two years in “Early Access” with its Hellbound: Survival Mode demo, Hellbound from Saibot Studios and publisher Nimble Giant will be launching on Steam this August and will be bringing the 90s with it along the way.

Following in the steps of games such as Duke Nukem 3DBLOODHeXeNQuake and DOOM, Argentian development studio Saibot Studios is preparing to launch their title Hellbound with the help of developer turned publisher, Nimble Giant.

The upcoming title is set to release on Steam on August 4th, ushering in an entirely new era of brutality with their game, which will pay a great homage to the head-pounding titles of the 90s era shooters. The project began to see heavy success after the launch of its demo, which gives players an idea of what it has to offer.

“Hellbound: Survival Mode has been available on Steam for two years, and the response from old school shooter fans has been incredible! We’ve learned a lot since the demo’s release, and have fueled that into the creation of a full-fledged campaign that will test players’ mettle as they carve their way through demons as fast as they can! Speed is the name of the game in Hellbound,” says Tobias Rusjan from Saibot Studios.

The game itself is pulse-pounding, equally as metal as DOOM, and of course, as aesthetically pleasing as the games of yesteryear. The team is known for its horror-inducing series Doors, which is available on Steam today. To bring their game to fruition, Saibot Studios teamed up with Nimble Giant, the creators of the mind-bending arena shooter Quantum League and sci-fi tactics title Master of Orion: Conquer the Stars.

“This is a milestone for everyone at Nimble Giant as Hellbound is the first project where we are acting as a publisher. Partnering up with Saibot Studios was a great fit as both companies share a passion for the genre, a true commitment to quality and the ambition to deliver great games made in LatAm.” – Said Andres Chilkowski CCO at Nimble Giant Entertainment.

To help keep the theme to life, there will be the protagonist Hellgore, a hulking brute who is all about “blood, nukes, earthquakes, serious action, and most importantly, BIG F***ING GUNS!” To bring Hellgore to life, Saibot Studios enlisted voice actor Artie Widgery. In order to give fans an idea of what to expect, Saibot Studios has unleashed a brand-new trailer for its upcoming title. You can check that out down below:

Hellbound is set to release exclusively on PC via Steam at this time. No console announcements have been made as of yet.

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