Geese Howard is Now Available for Tekken 7


Geese Howard is finally here. Known for his role in the Fatal Fury as one of the franchises antagonists. Serving as one of the many expected cross-over characters, Bandai Namco has now announced that Geese is now available for download and brings with him is trademark fighting style along with his all-to-infamous red hakama trainig pants, white kimono, and attitude to the world of Tekken 7.

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Raiders of the Broken Planet: Wardog Fury Now Available


Raiders of the Broken Planet is – without a doubt – a creative game. A captivating game none the less. With its unique approach to being a seasonal game, fans on PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One have come to enjoy its first episode Alien Myths quite well. As a follow up to it since its release, MercurySteam, the indie studio behind Raiders of the Broken Planet and Metroid: Samus Returns have announced the new episode is now available for €/$/£9.99.

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Hannah Telle and Ashly Burch to Return to Life is Strange: Before the Storm


For fans, Life is Strange isn’t just a game. It’s a story about friendship, love, and unity. It’s a story that wraps itself around us and held us tight as we took off through an adventure of two unexpected best friends. In 2018, the bonus episode “Farewell” will be launching for Life is Strange: Before the Storm, and will see two of our favorite characters reunite for one last time.

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Shin Megami Tensei V is Heading to American Nintendo Switch’s


Earlier this year during E3, Atlus teased that they had a new Shin Megami Tensei title in the works for the Nintendo Switch. Last month, it was also revealed that this upcoming title would be a core entry within the established series, Shin Megami Tensei V. Today, the team publisher and developer has announced the upcoming title is officially heading to the West.

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Review: Spintires: MudRunner – Spinning Out in the Mud


+Extremely immserive
+Quite a few vehicles to choose from as players unlock them
+Punishingly realistic
+Use of mud-based physics are insanely well done

-Camera angles are a constant pain to deal with
-Lacks a mini-map or GPS to help guide players
-Minor frame rate hitches when near water sources

If you aren’t familiar with Spintires: MudRunner like I was, you may come into the game rather blind, wondering if it’s a high-octane racing game, or if it was simply a title where you’d get to drive around, getting stuck in the mud from time-to-time. Trust me, I did, and I held my breath as I waited for my chance to hit a button for the nitrous boost.

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Square Enix Releases Star Ocean: The Last Hope for PS4 and PC


Star Ocean: The Last Hope 4K & Full HD Remaster was something none of us were ready for. A remaster that would feature the game in higher frame rates, true HD resolutions, and in 4K for both PlayStation 4 as well as PC via STEAM. Tri-Ace and Square Enix announced the game earlier this year, announcing that the game would release with Full HD capabilities, but also PC keyboard/mouse, and controller support for those that opted to purchase the game.

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Review: The Flame in the Flood – Surviving the Flood


+Battery consumption is minimal while playing in handheld mode on the Switch
+Transitions well as a console/handheld hybrid title
+One of the most enjoyable games thanks to its artistic direction
+Resources are scarce, forcing players to understand survival

-Menu’s can be hard to navigate
-Extremely unforgiving for new players
-Could have used a simpler crafting and menu navigation system

It’s been an interesting couple of months with The Flame in the Flood. On the surface, it’s a game that presents players with a beautifully crafted world, one that uses stylized art and charming audio for fans to enjoy. What isn’t apparent to those paying extreme attention to detail is something a bit more detailed: The Flame in the Flood by Molasses Flood’s debut title is not near as charming. It’s the harsh reality of what it’s like to survive.

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Gamers, Net Neutrality Could Hit You the Hardest


[Credits: Bungie]

You’ve undoubtedly seen it. The news has been storming the internet for days on end. The news has been a headline for almost any outlet out there. That news? Net Neutrality and the the Federal Communications Commission chariman Ajit Pai’s plan to kill the internet as we know it. His target? Net neutrality, a set of rules that had been put in place by President Obama’s administration.

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Marvel Heroes Omega to Shut Down Sooner Than Expected


It’s always a sad day when you hear news about a studio being shut down, their hard-work being dismissed, and their futures as developers become uncertain. Today, that has happened once again, and this time it has happened to a team of extremely passionate fans of the Marvel universe, which brought an astounding game to life in recent years.

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