Travelers 2: Royal Library & the Monster Seal Announced for PS Vita

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Written by Dustin Murphy


Ever wanted to return the hardcore and die-hard Japanese role playing game genre? If so, it’s time to put on those dungeon crawling boots, lace them up, and put on your best pair of dungeon crawling gloves for fan-service fans. The series will find its debut to American shores later this year thanks to Atlus U.S.A., inc, and AquaPlus, the minds behind Tears to Tiara II: Heir of the Overlord and AquaPazza), fans will be able to grow their part of female warriors, mages, maids, etc, as they explore through vicious and death filled dungeons in Travelers 2. With this games intricate and in-depth class system that also tags along a powerful party management minutiae, players will be unlocking multiple styles of play on the PlayStation Vita and PlayStation TV this year. The game will premier for 39.99 USD in the U.S. and 49.99 USD for Canada in both physical and digital formats.

Ever wanting to explore a new kingdom? Welcome to the Kingdom of Romulea, which has found itself in danger due to the monsters that have filled every inch of it and even taking over the lands, but even worse is the fact they have began to fight against humanity. As players seek to help the Kingdom of Romulea and quell the enemy forces, players will take on the role of Fried, an adventurer whom has traveled from the Royal Library and put a stop to this uprising. In his travels, he has come across a broken shrine along his journey and finds himself in the middle of traveling with multiple unique ladies who will join whether in combat, combat against him, or simply bumping into them.


During their travel with him, players will find themselves taking on monsters and even powerful mutant girls who must be locked away in order to prevent the spread of even more dangerous foes and ultimately end the enemy uprising. Taken in the first person view, players will find themselves enjoying the artistic appeal of the game as the girls and mutant girls are brought to life in a hand-drawn art style. While enjoying the art, fans will also find themselves defeating enemies within dungeons in order to produce Sealbooks, which will give characters unique bonuses, weapon enchants, and well… And income. With these Sealbooks comes a major mindset that friends will try to enjoy, which can be beyond crucial when trying to progress. When players aren’t digging through dungeons, they will find themselves developing relationships with individual girls in Fried’s party by activating sub-events. Though all is not as easy for the inexperienced; the game focuses heavily upon players focusing on enjoying each of the five base classes, which will allow fans to spe into one of the sub-classes when they can be obtainable, but this also means players will need to learn how to optimize them further while using weapons and armour that will help push their damage and skills even further.

In their experience, fans will also get to enjoy the title with both English Text which is being localized by ATLUS and fully voiced in its original Japanese audio. Dungeon Travelers 2 has not been rated and will be released sometime this summer.

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