Final Fantasy XI Gets New Update and A Surprise – A Love letter from Square Enix

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Written by Devon Day


Dedication. It elicits devotion, forges communities, and expands rapidly. Few others know this like Square Enix, whose prized Final Fantasy series has had a legacy upon gaming lore. Sure, some of them were not as good, some better than others, but Square Enix’s JRPG definitley has been a model of consistency for the past two decades. One game of note is XI; Square Enix’s ambitious forray into the MMORPG Landscape. Sure it did not catch fire like World of Warcraft,  it has had a stable following for over a decade. Surely that requisites a reward right? For Square Enix? Yes.

A new Ultimate Edition sounds nice? It is. How about a campaign expansion entitled “Return to Vana’der?” You got it. Worried about no Double XP, new gear, and level cap? Square Enix has got you covered. However, there is one final icing on the Cake. Until November 25, gobble in and play for free as Final Fantasy XI goes free to play. After a decade, XI is still going strong. Seldom does a company give this much appreciation and support towards their products, and it is refreshing that Square Enid has given this workhorse new tires; considering XIV’s notable improvements.

With all of this goodness, what are your thoughts on Final Fantasy XI and Square Enix as a whole? What are your favorite games from the Japanese powerhouse? Do you think that Square Enid should enter a new type of genre in an ever growing online gaming community? Please sound off your thoughts and feelings below!

As always, on behalf of the entire staff of BATGR, thank you for reading. Until next time, this is Devon Day.. Checking out.

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Devon_Day_BATGRA man growing up between the gaming boundaries on the 5th generation Nintendo 64, but admiring the 3rd gen. Nintendo Entertainment System and 4th generation Sega Genesis for their contributions, Devon Day always has something on his mind regarding video games and the accessories they contain. His first was a microphone for the Nintendo 64 for the “Hey You, Pikachu!” video game, but expanded towards the next line up of gaming peripherals including the Astro A40, MadCatz MLG Pro Circiut Controller, MadCatz STRIKE 7, and many other gaming gadgets. Now loving gaming tech more than ever, he sees this generation crucial to bring the full circle of social connectivity that the 7th. generation of video game consoles started.

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